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MEA continues bylaw bickering

by KTNA Staff ~ May 12th, 2009

Bickering at Matanuska Electric Association membership meetings  has continued.  The annual membership meeting and elections were held more than 2 weeks ago and there are still arguments as to board legitimacy.

The election brought out less than 16% of the voters, according to MEA staff, with only 14% of those being counted due to a number of invalid ballots.  A total 6,381 members out of a possible 43,893 decided a race that some have considered contentious.

Members speaking at the meetings have questioned possible illegal secret meetings, but MEA attorney, Robin Brena, says that in his reading of the bylaws, he sees no sign of illegal meetings.  However, he says that following Roberts Rules of Order seems to trip board members up at times and he has given the board copies of the rules to help meetings run smoothly.

One questioned bylaw change is the term limits that just passed.  It allows for a 3-term limit for Board members.  Board member Lois Lester was re-elected at the annual meeting but has already served 3 terms.  There is now a question as to when the new three-term limit takes effect and if Lester can continue her fourth term under the recent bylaw change.

Some also question seated Board member Janet Kincaid and the relationship between her son, who at times, does business with MEA.  Kincaid says that currently, her son has no contracts with MEA.

Brena gave the Board his opinion on the bylaw changes and suggested they go into effect on January 1, 2010. 

MEA membership meetings in their entirety continue to be posted on their website after the meetings.   


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