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KTNA Studio

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Fish Lake morning

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New teachers head to Upper Valley elementary schools

by KTNA Staff ~ August 18th, 2009

Teachers headed back to the classrooms this week to prepare for the start of school next week.

New Talkeetna elementary teacher-principal, Carol Wadman, says there are several new teachers at the elementary school. Bruce Hamler, who has been teaching at Su Valley High School for years, is taking over Joe Page’s position. He will be the 5 and 6th grade classroom teacher, teaching all subjects.

The new part time music teacher, Katie Beam, is from Wasilla. Wadman says there is a new position of ‘school psychologist’ that has been filled by Carolyn Hope, who is also new to Talkeetna. She will be based at the elementary school but will serve all schools in the area. She will do testing for programs, special education and highly gifted students.

The new noon duty monitor is Ellie Coughenour. There is still an opening for another lunch duty monitor. The Sunshine Clinic has hired a clinician, CiCi  Shoneberger , that will assist as needed at the elementary school.

Wadman is trying to spread the word to all parents about the free breakfast program available to all elementary school students. The breakfast starts at 8:15 AM each school day.

Trapper Creek, like Talkeetna elementary, has a new teaching principal. Mitzi Garrison has years of experience in villages across Alaska. Trapper Creek will share librarian Gerald Shuka with Su Valley High School and Talkeetna Elementary, as well as the school psychologist, Carolyn Hope. The new lunch lady at Trapper Creek is Amber Wheeler.

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