Su Valley High School projected completion is December

[slideshow id=6]The new Su Valley High School construction has not been without its setbacks.

Robert Scott, Mat Su Borough site manager for the school, says he is now breathing a sigh of relief. The issues with the gymnasium floor are resolved and progress is being made on that front. Scott said that there have been problems up to now with preparation of the floor. Part of the issue had to do with correct ambient conditions to get the base prepared. The effort to finish the gym ABOVE the floor is complete. The acoustical panels, climbing ropes and rolling partition curtain were finished two weeks ago.

Scott says the classrooms are finished. Work is progressing on the hallways, commons area and music room. He says that one of the most amazing features will be the lighting in the hallways. The building is a LEED building with new technology integrated into many features.

The December turnover from the contractor to the Borough is on track at this point. Scott took a group of moving company bidders on a tour last week. He expects that the school district will open the bidding process soon and a company to move the school from the portables into the new building will be chosen in November.

The two track meets held behind the school in September and October caused the contractor delays and money. One individual drove over the topsoil and down the bike path at one point, causing damage. Smudges on windows and people walking on the topsoil meant backtracking on some final inspections.

Otherwise, all the signs point to moving in on time. Scott assures the community that the building looks great and people will love the new facility with its artwork and new technology.

Note: all photos are courtesy of project manager, Robert Scott, at the Mat Su Borough

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