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Sarah Palin comes to Talkeetna

by KTNA Staff ~ July 15th, 2010

Although “mum” was the word, it was hard to ignore the buzz as an out-of-state film crew descended on Talkeetna to film ex-governor Sarah Palin for an episode of the new TLC network series “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.”

Secrecy surrounded the production as locally hired people work under strict confidentiality agreements. Filming took place on a closed set in front of the Alaska Mountaineering School yesterday. Palin, her immediate family and her parents were in Talkeetna. The show’s producer told KTNA that no information could be given out and that no interviews were possible.

On Tuesday,  Palin twittered to fans that she was headed to Denali to climb Sweet-tooth with Todd and Willow, and characterized the climbing route as a “sliver of Denali.”   National publications picked it up and one outlet reported she was hiking Denali. Another publication reported she was headed to Denali National Park to climb. But this was not the case. There is no Sweet tooth in the area she was to travel and climbers suggest that she likely means Sugar-tooth, which is not a route on Denali.

Palin, her family and the film crew were actually in Talkeetna taking lessons on glacier travel and climbing. Rainy weather denied any plans to fly up to glaciers, as very few flights to the mountain have been possible since Monday.

The show is scheduled to air this fall on TLC.

7 Responses to Sarah Palin comes to Talkeetna

  1. Truth

    “There is no Sweet tooth in the area she was to travel and climbers suggest that she likely means Sugar-tooth, which is not a route on Denali.”

    Gov. Palin is an Alaskan and would know a Sweet tooth from a Sugar Tooth.

    ADN got it right:reports: Palin on Tuesday tweeted she was going to climb a “sliver” of Denali called “Sweettooth.

    ” The spire below the summit Rowe and Haeussler named Sweet Tooth Spire.


  2. Girdwood

    Interesting. Keep up the real news; good for you! How refreshing.

    Keep us updated…

  3. KarenJ

    “Filming took place on a closed set in front of the Alaska Mountaineering School yesterday.”

    What, did Mark Burnett rig up a wind machine and fake snow, then have an authentic mountain climber put authentic rope rigging on Sarah, Todd, and Willow — then position them strategically in climbing positions on a rock wall iIN FRONT OF THE CLIMBING SCHOOL?


    “Alaska Mountaineering School Headquarters: AMS is located in Talkeetna, Alaska (Town Map PDF ») and operates out of two locations near the village center to support its expeditions. Our main headquarters is located two streets south from Main Street, on Third Street where you will find our office, CLIMBING GYM, and student camping and parking area. The AMS office includes an administration area, kitchen and lunch area, a food rations packing room, briefing room and outfitting areas.

  4. Kate

    So, lemme get this straight – she said she was going to hike up a sliver of Mt. Denali, but – said sliver is not on Mt. Denali, is not named Sweet-tooth, and is instead really named Sugar Tooth and isn’t near Mt. Denali?? That instead $arah and Tawd and Willow were really cloistered on a closed-set with a TV crew, with confidentiality agreements signed all around learning how to travel on and climb glaciers instead? Really? And why the need for such secrecy for anything Palin???

    Don’tcha think the ex-gov would have learned her own states lay of the land a BIT better before publicly parading her stunning lack of Alaska’s geography via Twitter?? And why tweet that she was doing “this” when she was obviously doing “that”?

    Or is the real story the ages-old story – that if you can’t bedazzle them with your brilliance, then you have to baffle them with your bull.

  5. Girdwood

    Aw shucks. The Sweet Tooth Spire “sliver” is on Sugar Tooth. But who would know that the 2007 expedition informally named it? Except people who read the trip report or had first-hand knowledge. Why did she say that? It didn’t just come out of nowhere?

    What’s the backstory here? Interesting.

  6. wendy

    Palin specializes in saying things that seem wrong but turn out to be somewhat not-wrong (not right, however) and then chortles and whoops her delight telling the “lamestream” media to stop making things up.

  7. editor

    editors note – the area in question is NOT on Denali (Mt. McKinley) itself, but on the Ruth Glacier. 2 climbers nicknamed a rocky spire on Sugar Tooth “sweet tooth” in 2007. Sugar Tooth is NOT a Denali route. The film crew still hopes to fly up to the Ruth Glacier at some point to film for the series. Weather did not permit a flight last week. The National Park Service urges only experienced mountaineers to try and climb Denali and other peaks in the surrounding area. (www.nps.gov/dena)