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Fish Lake morning

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Su Valley girls take tourney title

by KTNA Staff ~ November 9th, 2010

Su Valley girls volleyball team pulled off the championship win at the “Su Valleyball” Invitational this weekend.  It was their first volleyball tournament on the new gym floor. Lumen Christi, Tok, Nenana and Ninilchik all played in the tournament.  Healy was invited, but cancelled due to poor weather conditions along the Parks highway.

Su Valley won their first game on Friday against Tok, then Su Valley girls lost a heartbreaker to Lumen Christi, but turned around and beat them on Saturday afternoon.  That win threw them into the championship round with Tok.  Tok made a formidable opponent in the championship round and Su Valley fought hard to clinch the title.

Bailey Stevenson and Sierra Pedersen both made the All Tournament Team.  Haley Tyler of Nenana also made the team and the same weekend was the lone Alaska female chosen to represent Alaska for the prestigious nationwide High School Heisman Award.  She was chosen from 19 finalists statewide and will go up against 49 other girls across the U.S.

This was the last game of the Su Valley volleyball season.

The championship video is posted on KTNA’s facebook page for those that missed Saturday’s tournament play.

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