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Talkeetna featured in Sarah Palin’s Alaska TV show premiere

by admin default ~ November 12th, 2010

TALKEETNA— The TLC Alaska documentary series featuring former Alaska governor Sarah Palin in a show called “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” kicks off on Sunday with scenes filmed in Talkeetna, the Talkeetna Mountains and the Alaska Range.TLC producer Mark Burnett and his crew filmed Palin and her family this summer in a number of locations in Alaska, including Dillingham, Nome, Kodiak, Talkeetna, the Alaska Range and the Talkeetna Mountains.

Talkeetna talent hired to help film the reality show included Brian McCullough as a unit manager, Colby Coombs with the Alaska Mountaineering School, Melis Cody and K2 aviation. McCullough worked this past summer with Burnett’s production crew across Alaska to film the eight episodes.

While the plot of the first episode is guarded as a big secret until it airs, preview clips on TLC’s website show Brian McCullough guiding Palin and her husband Todd over crevasses and up a rock wall at Ruth Glacier.

The show premiers Sunday evening, on TLC.

KTNA Talkeetna covered Sarah Palin’s visit to Talkeetna in a story aired in mid-July: Sarah Palin comes to Talkeetna.

2 Responses to Talkeetna featured in Sarah Palin’s Alaska TV show premiere

  1. John Gatza

    Dear Govenor Palin and Family,

    Todd, you are doing a remarkable job of supporting your inspirational wife and lovely family! Please don’t let anything change the image the world has of you or your family.

    Sarah, you are surely sent from God to help save our wonderful country. Please donot let enemys of our country discourage you in any way.

    Thanks for all you have done already, and please continue to be strong and out-spoken as you have been.

    Very truly yours,
    John Gatza
    906 Marquette St
    Flint, MI 48504

  2. Jerry Collison

    Amen! We need more ordinary folks like most of us here in Alaska to have representation of who we really are. Todd and Sarah are and have been OUR choice. We’re proud of our “First Family.”