Trapper Creek decides on revenue sharing

The Trapper Creek Community Council has decided on their revenue sharing projects for the first round of their respective grants.

At their last meeting, they decided on four projects to complete with the first round of revenue sharing money:  an upgrade to the Trapper Creek park gazebo; upgrade and maintenance of the cemetery; a storage shed for the community center; and signs on the Parks Highway to act as welcome signs to Trapper Creek.

There is currently no method for motorists to know they are entering or leaving Trapper Creek.  The current storage shed at the park is temporary and on loan. The four projects took precedence over another project that was suggested dealing with moose kill on the highway.

The projects have been submitted to the Mat Su Borough comptroller for the okay from the Borough.

The council received a memorandum of agreement from the borough. After signing the agreement, it will go back to the borough for the borough manager’s signature and then the money will be advanced.

The $20,200  grant comes with the stipulation that semi-annual updates will be given to the Borough on how the project is progressing.

At the last meeting, the council also discussed ways to increase community participation in council business and ways that council information could be more widely disseminated.

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