Local man takes abandoned dog team under his wing

The week before Christmas a small dog team was found on the railroad tracks by the Talkeetna Spur Road, making for a heartbreaking Christmas tale.   The 5 dogs were found in a tangle and were malnourished, but seemed well trained.

A KTNA listener heard the plight of the 3 adult dogs and 2 puppies and said he would take them under his roof. Dave ‘Dirt’ Gonzales contacted the couple who had found the dog team and were caring for them.  He has taken all 5 dogs under his wing saying he hates the dog pound and couldn’t stand the thought of dog going that route.

He says he knows at some point he’ll be able to find good homes for them, but for now they are back in great health and are very well-trained dogs that are welcome at his home. He has named them and will take care of them for as long as it takes.

Sam and Nancy Claypool said they are sure the dogs have gone to a good home and said by the time the dogs left their house they were back to good health.

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