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Talkeetna Water bills will likely double by Christmas

by admin default ~ October 20th, 2011

Time is running out on the Talkeetna Water and Sewer board’s search for alternatives to a fifty-percent rate hike for residential and commercial customers. An extension granted by the Matanuska – Susitna borough to allow the board to explore other ways to pay off the utility’s debts expires in early November.

A number of recent infrastructure upgrades required by the Department of Environmental Conservation and Mat Su department of Public Works have been completed with money borrowed from the Borough. The Borough says it’s time to make the service pay for itself. Without some other source of funding, the utility will be forced to spread the repayment of Borough loans for large infrastructure improvements across almost two-hundred water and sewer customers connected to the system.

Currently, all residential water and sewer customers pay the same rate of forty-one dollars, and commercial users that have a water meter pay almost six dollars per thousand gallons. If they don’t have a water meter, or if the meter is broken, commercial users pay a flat fee of forty-six dollars a month. All residential and commercial customers can expect to see their bills almost double by Christmas.

4 Responses to Talkeetna Water bills will likely double by Christmas

  1. jesse

    hi, the residential rate you give is INCORRECT!!!! the current monthy rate is DOUBLE that now, closer to $90 a month, you must have gotten an amount for water service without the sewer component, which is another 40 something . we USED to pay 40 something a month for both, but there was a previous raise that already doubled the charges, about 6 or so years ago. i appreciate the coverage, the amount needs to be corrected. thanks lorien.

  2. Cassalyn David

    Hey, sorry to bother, but a point of clarification. I’m no whiz, but I don’t think increasing rates by 50% would double them. Which is it? Otherwise, keep up the great work, thanks!!

  3. Robert Carlson

    Thanks for making my Saturday! In Bethel, where we have mostly trucked water/sewer and have to install our own holding tanks and pumps, we pay just a bit shy of $200 a month for about 2000 gallons of water. One can order more or less, depending upon one’s need and wealth.

    I sure would enjoy Talkeetna’s rates, even if they were doubled!

  4. Murray Nash

    I don’t understand the math. If the rates double – that’s a 100% increase, not a 50% increase. Also is it just the water portion of the water and sewer bill that’s affected? I currently pay $41.45 for sewer and $41.45 for water each month for a total of $82.90. Is my new monthly bill going to be $103.62 or $124.35 or $165.80? Just curious.