KTNA Studio – Dave Totten, artist

Photo by Deb Wessler

Photo by Dora Miller

KTNA Studio

KTNA On Air Studio, Jan 2013

Photo by Deb Wessler

Photo by James Trump

Winter Black-capped Chickadee

winter chickadee

Photo by Robin Song

Fish Lake morning

Fish Lake morning

photo: Robin Song


Sunshine Clinic Director stepping down

by admin default ~ January 13th, 2012

Sunshine Clinic will be looking for a new Executive Director, as Sharon Montanigno has announced she will be retiring. Montagnino took the top position at Sunshine Clinic in January of 2008, and has spent her time overseeing the clinic’s expansion of services and securing funding for ongoing programs. She announced her plans for retirement at the Clinic’s Christmas party in December, saying it is time for her to take some time off before starting a new direction doing something different. The departure will be complete by August.

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