Pilots Bill of Rights passes House

The US House of Representatives has passed the Pilot’s Bill of Rights. The bill, introduced by Senator Jim Inhoff from Oklahoma, was cosponsored by Senator Begich, and was passed by the senate in June .

In a a statement about the bill’s passage on Monday, Begich said “Flying is a way of life in Alaska. It’s key to economy, jobs and tourism. With six times more pilots per capita than the rest of the country, it’s important to make sure pilots are treated fairly in their dealings with the FAA.”

The bill will provide pilots more protections such as Ensuring pilots have access to any evidence or information used by the FAA during an enforcement proceeding. The bill allows airmen to appeal an enforcement action to the appropriate federal court. It will also make improvements to the Notice to Airmen (or NOTAM) process by providing more pertinent and timely information for pilots.

With its passage, the bill now goes to the president.

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