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KTNA Studio

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Fish Lake morning

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Minor flooding encroaches into Talkeetna River Subdivision

by admin default ~ September 20th, 2012


Musher Jerry Sousa reenforces the embankment around his boat launch for Talkeetna Fishing Guides using Iditarod drop-bags for sandbags.

Week-long rain from the Talkeetna Mountains has brought widespread flooding to the northern Susitna Valley. Montana Creek entered minor flood stage Wednesday afternoon, and by Wednesday night had crested the dyke that protected low-lying sections of Yoder Road. Engineers worked to reenforce the dyke until 8:45 pm, but called of operations when it was apparent the dyke would be breached. Water crossed the road, damaging the chip-seal surface, and closed access to the east side of the Montana Creek Bridge.

Montana Creek has since receded, and although the road remains closed, the threat from flooding has abated for now.

The Talkeetna river continued to rise today, increasing to a height of 12.9 feet by this afternoon. By eleven this morning, the river had risen over several riverfront properties and begun streaming across Mercedes road into the Talkeetna Riverfront Subdivision. Talkeetna Fire Chief Ken Farina residents were alerted to the situation at eleven today.

Clip: 1 Talkeetna-Flooding

Iditarod Musher Jerry Sousa began bringing in truckloads of gravel this morning to shore up the boat launch at his river-front Talkeetna Fishing Guides, turning his Iditarod Drop-Bags in to makeshift sandbags. By This afternoon the Talkeetna river was crossing Mercedes in several places, ponding up in low-lying areas.

Elaine Desants’ house was surrounded by several feet of water, although it had not yet made it inside her house which is three feet off the ground. She was in her home in the Talkeetna River Subdivision when  when Emergency Services knocked on her door at 11 this morning.

Clip: 3Talkeetna-Flooding

Forecasts call for the Talkeetna to crest by this evening, but Farina says continued rains could mean high water for days to come

Clip: 2Talkeetna-Flooding

So far no injuries or property loss has been reported in Talkeetna.

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