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Sunshine Clinic Medical Director’s Contract Not Renewed

by Phillip Manning ~ June 28th, 2013

On Friday, June 28th, KTNA received information indicating that the contract of Dr. Mary Loeb, Medical Director at Sunshine Community Health Center, is not being renewed.  Sunshine Community Health Center Executive Director, David Bryant, issued the following statement:

“Sunshine Community Health Center is going through many changes while working to improve its services to everyone in the community.  Our decision to not renew one of our clinician’s contract was not easily reached.  Contracts are a private matter, and for that reason Sunshine Community Health Center cannot comment further about it.  While faces may change from time to time, we want to assure everyone that our dedicated, professional staff continues to provide excellent quality care to the community.”

KTNA attempted to contact Dr. Loeb for comment, but was unable to reach her.

2 Responses to Sunshine Clinic Medical Director’s Contract Not Renewed

  1. Kim

    What a snake in the grass Mr. Bryant has turned out to be. Something needs to be done to reverse this ignorant decision. Dr. Loeb has been an essential part of the clinic for many years and an outsider, with no history here in our community, should not be able to do this. It’s unimaginable that Dr. Mary’s patients or staff are going to be accepting of this ‘change’. It’s Mr. Bryant’s face that needs to go away.

  2. Susie Smart

    This is not just a clinicians contract. This is a 10 year veteran of SCHC, the medical director and chief MD. Is it acceptable for a new executive director of only 9 mos who has limited medical experience and knowledge, summarily dismiss the medical director with 10 years experience who has diligently sacrificed herself for her patients and community, all because of an insecure and threatened newly hired ED? This is detrimental to the patient care of the communities of Talkeetna, Trapper Creek and Willow. This should not be allowed. The community needs to voice their concern to the Board of Directors.