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Clinic Board Letter Full Text

by Phillip Manning ~ July 10th, 2013

Text was edited Thursday, July 11th to correct a typographical error on the part of KTNA.

The following is the full text of the letter received by KTNA from the Sunshine Community Health Center Board of Directors on Wednesday, July 10th.

The Board of Directors of Sunshine Community Health Center takes very seriously its role in fulfilling the clinic’s mission to “offer accessible proactive, quality healthcare regardless of an ability to pay.”  The Board appreciates the important role that SCHC has in the lives of its patients.  We are in receipt of numerous letters and communications from the community, and want to assure the community that those letters are being distributed to Board members for their review.  Due to the confidential nature of contract and personnel issues, details that are being requested will not be appropriate to release to the public.  The decision not to renew Dr. Loeb’s contract was made by the Executive Director and the Board supports Mr. Bryant’s decision.

There is inaccurate information being spread around in the community, via emails and social media.  Rumors and inaccurate remarks only add to the difficulty and complexity of this situation for all involved.  Mr. Bryant, the Executive Director, was hired by the SCHC Board based on his nearly 30 years of healthcare and management experience in Alaska and the lower 48.  No member of the Board knew Mr. Bryant prior to him being hired for the ED role.

The regularly scheduled Board meeting for SCHC is July 30th at 6:30 pm.  There are no plans for a special public meeting.  The most effective and appropriate way to have your voice heard is to send a letter to:  SCHC Board of Directors, HC 89, Box 8190, Talkeetna, AK 99676.  As community volunteers, the Board appreciates residents using this method of communication, rather than calling or emailing Board members at their homes and/or businesses.


Sunshine Community Health Center, Board of Directors

2 Responses to Clinic Board Letter Full Text

  1. mary gunderson

    From Mc Gunderson
    Again Dondi, you are the voice for many of us.(Check Dondi’s FB response to the Boards letter) The Board’s open letter was very disappointing to say the least. I fear they have lost sight that they are suppose to represent the community not cover up the fact that the ED did not follow policy and due process in regards to Dr.Loeb’s dismissal. Perhaps they fear the expense of buying out the ED’s contract and possible legal ramifications that would ensue if they asked for his resignation. Perhaps they fear that transparency at this time would reveal their lack of over-sight and rubber stamping created a huge mess both for the clinic staff, patients and the community. These are legitimate fears and I can understand how they must feel. However, they know that due process was not followed in regards to Dr. Mary being terminated. Now the question is are they going to do what is right and revisit the whole process that lead to Dr. Mary’s dismissal or are they going to stonewall the staff and the community.

  2. GTS

    I feel that if the Board does not pay creedence to the overwhelming support to reinstate Dr. Mary Loeb, that perhaps it may be time to vote in a new board that’s more in touch with the community they are here to serve.. Furthermore, I think that the board should REALLY take a good look at removing Mr. Bryant, from his current position. Thank you.