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Fish Lake morning

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Celebration of Life for Jane Buchanan

by KTNA Staff ~ August 5th, 2013


Talkeetna resident Jane Buchanan passed away suddenly this past weekend. There will be a Celebration of Life for Jane on Friday, August 9th at 4 pm at the Northern Susitna Institute, outdoors, weather permitting. You’re asked to bring a contribution to the potluck, photos, and a folding chair.



2 Responses to Celebration of Life for Jane Buchanan

  1. Ray Braswell


    You will be SO missed. Just got back from Lavonne’s Fish Camp and it isn’t the same. You were so loved and the love for you will never weaken. Rest in peace, Jane.

    Salem Or.

  2. Carlos Morales, Jr.

    I have lost another wonderful person in my life. I worked with Jane in Arizona. On some of my worst days there, Jane managed to make me smile and laugh. I am grateful to have known her.
    To her son’s family, I’m so sorry for your loss.

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