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Sunshine Clinic Hires New Medical Director

by Phillip Manning ~ August 6th, 2013

The Sunshine Community Health Center has hired Shelis Jorgensen  as its new Medical Director.  Jorgensen is an Advanced Nurse Practitioner with a Doctorate in Nursing.  SCHC Executive Director David Bryant says that Jorgensen has a good mix of skills and qualifications, and that he is excited that the Clinic is able to add a provider with a specialty in pediatrics.

“The Clinic had posted the position of Medical Director nationwide, and it turned out that we actually had a qualified candidate who is a local and is known to many people in the community–and that would be Shelis Jorgensen.  Shelis worked here at the Clinic until 2009, before resigning and joining a practice in the Wasilla area.  She has very strong administrative skills and excellent clinical skills.  We look forward to her coming on board, following the credentialing and background check process that we have to do for everyone, and hopefully she will be able to begin work here next week.”

Bryant says Jorgensen will be phased into the Medical Director role over the course of three months to allow her to become familiar with the administrative role.

5 Responses to Sunshine Clinic Hires New Medical Director

  1. seasonofdisruption

    Mr. Bryant strikes again in his furtive, sly manner. While the board of directors have finally began listening to the community, he goes ahead and hires a new Medical Director, ensuring that Dr. Loeb now has no position to return to. Clever move, David Bryant. You’ll show us ‘back woods hicks’, won’t ya? Poor Shelis will be nothing but a pawn in this game of human vindictiveness, a token player who will uphold his behind-closed-doors management style. Because even with Mr. Bryant’s almost guaranteed ousting, he will now have someone in place who will be sympathetic to his cause, on the same page as his ‘team’ that he leaves behind and the caustic environment he’s created.
    Happy days ahead for the Sunshine Clinic, may the staff find the strength to get through each day.

  2. The Irishman

    Yet another fairy tale seems to have emerged from the office of the reclusive Mr Bryant. We’re now to believe that after an incredibly quick nationwide search, he miraculously found the perfect local candidate to fill the position. Something smells very fishy here, it’s almost as though Shelis was first chosen for some mysterious reason and then Bryant conducted a search. Rumor also has it there was a “not eligible for re-hire” letter in Ms Jorgensen’s file but it mysteriously disappeared. Perhaps Mr Bryant would be so good as to explain the disappearance.

    One would think that after the past Board meeting, where twenty eight people from the community took Mr Bryant to task and demanded his resignation, the Board would have felt compelled to restrain his actions. Apparently it is not so and it now appears it’s no longer appropriate to support the Board’s actions in hope they will do the right thing as they have incredibly chosen to ignore the voice of the community.

    By the way, I understand the Provider at the Willow Clinic submitted her letter of resignation today as well. It must be very difficult to work under these conditions not knowing who is next to be let go.

  3. the guardian

    While Rome burns Nero fiddles……sound familiar

    So it would appear that Mr. Bryant isn’t finished with the surprises. His latest maneuver though has me wondering what exactly his motives are. Mr Bryant certainly regards himself as the supreme authority; one that should not be questioned when he decides to remove items from personnel files. No one has the authority to remove items from medical or personnel files, of course unless you are Mr. Bryant. He decided that he wanted/needed to hire a new MD, and chose someone who had a been an employee of SCHC in the past. He visited her personnel file only to find that there was a “not eligible for rehire” in the file, but that didn’t stop him. He didn’t put it there, but he decided he could remove it. Why? Mr. Bryant is desperate, not so much because the Board has pressured him( we hope they have at least a little) but because the federal review folks slapped his hand. One of the areas he was taken to task on was the lack of a MD and at the very least he should have put a temporary one place until a permanent one could be hired. Desperate people do desperate things, like tamper with personnel files. It also makes one wonder how the Human Resources Manager is involved, after all she is the keeper of all the personnel records. What are Mr. Bryant’s motives, this writer is not sure and what are Ms. Jorgensen’s motives for coming back to SCHC? These should be come apparent in a few weeks to a few months.

    So while Mr. Bryant fiddles with the lives of the SCHC staff and community, SCHC is burning and we hope that those that can save the clinic are not sleeping…..

  4. Grete Perkins

    I have been very vocal about my disbelief and dismay over the unprofessional and devious behavior of the Executive Director at the SCHC, but at least I have the courage to sign my name to my criticisms. It is cowardice to write letters of complaints and not have the decency to identify yourself.

  5. Faye Miller

    Mr. David Bryant
    Sunshine Community Health Center
    Talkeetna, Alaska 99676 August 8, 2013


    The following is in direct response to your “Dear Sunshine Patient” letter of July 10,and a follow up on your public comments regarding the rally for Dr Mary Loeb,Board of Directors meeting, and your new Clinical Director’s statements this morning on KTNA.

    Contrary to what you stated in that disrespectful letter, I and all the clinic’s patients truly are not your “number one priority!” (sic). In the space of a month, you managed to disrupt many patients’ lives by no longer providing controlled substances and other medications from the clinic’s dispensary.

    This comes in addition to severing a relationship of trust and respect that many of US had developed with Dr. Mary Loeb over the years. True, some of us can get a prescription and have it filled at a pharmacy. What you do not realize, because you are so out of touch with this community, is that many patients are on a sliding scale, and now see their medication costs drastically going up. In my case, a medication that cost me $4.00 at the clinic, now costs me $90.00; I have no choice but to discontinue taking this medicine, an essential component in controlling my condition.

    In the space of a month, you also managed to sap the morale of what is left of the clinic’s staff. I was there 2 weeks ago, and the tension there is palpable, not to mention the sense of insecurity and anxiety-Your phone interview with KTNA was pitiful. You came across as arrogant (“I can take my lumps, it’s part of my job”), oblivious to patients’ needs, viewing the clinic’s staff as easily replaceable. Your agenda is all too clear: Keep a tight rein on the clinic, while cutting staffing costs at the expense of patients’ needs. Why recruit an LPN and/or PA, instead of a full-fledged Physician with an MD degree and extensive experience in Family Medicine, as Dr. Loeb is, not to mention the years she served in the Navy.

    President Lyndon B. Johnson started this program of non-profit Community Health Centers back in the 1960’s, nationwide, to help low income people get some form of affordable health care. If he heard you on the radio last Tuesday and read your “Dear Sunshine Patient” letter, I bet he must be doing ring_around_the-rosy in his grave.

    The manner in which you are handling this transition is an absolute disgrace. You were in such a hurry to get rid of Dr. Loeb, that nothing was done to ensure the continuity of patient care, your so-called “Number one priority”.

    The upheaval and climate of fear and anxiety that your actions created amongst clinic staff and patients alike, is going to be quite a challenge for Ms. Jorgensen to tackle, in spite of her great reputation in Talkeetna, and I certainly can understand her reluctance in committing herself to becoming Sunshine Clinic’s Clinical Director on a long term and/or full time basis.


    Faye K. Miller and many other patients.

    CC: Tom Phillips, President, Board of Directors David Sutton, Member, Board of Directors
    Shelis Jorgensen, Interim Clinical Director

    All staff at Sunshine Clinic. (thank you everybody for your
    continuous help and support).