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Statement from KTNA General Manager Will Peterson

by Phillip Manning ~ August 9th, 2013

KTNA is doing well in posting news stories on our web page, www.ktna.org  as well as posting notices regarding those stories on our Facebook page.

Our technology allows anyone with a computer to submit comments regarding those stories.  KTNA appreciates those comments…for the most part.  The recent string of news pieces regarding the Sunshine Community Health Clinic has obviously caught the attention of the community.  Clearly this is an emotional and controversial topic in our community.  We have had many comments submitted that relate to the news and the issues of the clinic.  We have posted all of those comments but I feel that some filtering is now necessary.

Effective immediately, KTNA will no longer publish submitted comments that do not have a real name attached.  Pseudonyms will no longer be allowed.

Public radio in general and KTNA in particular has values that I am proud of and have kept me in this business for a long time.  Respect, honesty, truthfulness, accuracy, and professionalism are the cornerstones of our public service.  KTNA encourages civil discourse that is, if nothing else, respectful and honest.  Public radio has shown, in many, many instances that we can disagree yet still be respectful.

Name-calling, innuendo, and rumors contribute nothing to a respectful and honest conversation.  Using a pseudonym makes it much easier to slide into a quagmire that distracts all of us from the issue at hand.

Some of the comments we’ve received, and published, reflect poorly on our community…and reflect poorly on KTNA.  If you have a need to comment, expressing your thoughts and your opinions, put your name next to it.  Please be respectful, honest, and truthful.  People do read this stuff.

Thanks for listening.
Will Peterson
General Manager, KTNA

5 Responses to Statement from KTNA General Manager Will Peterson

  1. Robert Ambrose

    Thank you, Will, for taking this needed step. Respect and honesty have been sorely missing from many comments posted regarding SCHC that seem intended not to help anything at all.

  2. Doug Gualtieri

    KTNA Staff,

    Thanks for taking this approach regarding public comment on stories. So many media outlets take little or no responsibility in their online comments, particularly in holding people accountable for their comments. If you really have something valuable to add or say than you should be willing to put your name on it. I feel that this can only help formulate a more positive approach to public discourse.

    Doug Gualtieri

  3. rob holt

    MY studio is nearly always a huge mess, because it takes that to develop the incentive to clean at all, this cleanup of the commenting policy is the same thing, the mess got out of hand so now the uncomfortable steps to clean up have the proper incentive, there will be larger and more sensitive/important issues,reported on and discussed on the ktna site as we mature as a community,.so the clean up needed to happen now, every one knows why fake names are used, in general, and in order to have effective intereaction as a community on issues compleat honesty is, all that is acceptable, , thoes people unable to give others that have no place in the conversation, their opinion is of no value

  4. Shoo Salasky

    I applaud your stance Will, as well as KTNA’s ability to provide our community with truthful, FACTUAL information. Thank you for ensuring the integrity of this forum.

  5. Ann Yadon

    Will, After reading your statement, I went back to review the comments on the stories — I usually don’t look them. Many were insightful and well written; however, I was shocked to find that some of the most disrespectful and hate-filled comments were posted with names attached. How sad. My opinion, for that is what these comments all are, is that those hate-filled posts reflect more on the writer than on anything or on anyone else. The one post that I think may be the best advice I’ve seen is that each person should go out and help someone. That’s where I’m going right now.