KTNA Studio – Dave Totten, artist

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KTNA Studio

KTNA On Air Studio, Jan 2013

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Winter Black-capped Chickadee

winter chickadee

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Fish Lake morning

Fish Lake morning

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KTNA anniversary audio–Richard Nelson interview

by Deborah Brocke ~ August 16th, 2013

KTNA is celebrating 20 years of broadcasting to the Upper Susitna Valley with audio that we aired during the past two decades. This week’s audio pick is from the summer of 2010. It’s part of an interview with Sitka resident Richard Nelson; writer, naturalist, sound recorder, and host of Encounters, a regular program on KTNA. Mr. Nelson spoke at the Sheldon Community Arts Hangar, and local resident and naturalist Doug Gualtieri also spoke with him in the KTNA studio.




2 Responses to KTNA anniversary audio–Richard Nelson interview

  1. Tanya Parker

    This was a very beautiful and informative interview. I stood in my kitchen here in PA and wept. My heart ached for returning to Alaska to absorb that beautiful silence that can be found there and that Richard Nelson spoke about. I too have not been to anywhere in Alaska that I didn’t love. Each area has its own beauty. One can find it unnatural to be in a place with no man-made noise and it may seem foreign especially to people caught up in the rat race. Oh may those days in Alaska sitting along the river watching Denali and communing with nature or sitting along the shore of Back Lake listening to loons be close in my future. It is, at least for me, where I get my mental peace. His interview reminded me of when I was a child and I used to lay in my fathers wheat field and listen and watch the wheat heads swaying and making a swishing sound and evergreen boughs swswooning in the wind in concert. I hope Mr. Nelson continues his work as he can bring a new-found appreciation of the natural sounds to people who have never experienced it and bring those who have, back in their mind to the days of when they took the time to smell the roses and to listen to those wonderful, beautiful, heavenly sounds . It truly is energizing. I would love to meet Mr. Nelson some day. Thanks for making my day with this interview. I think I will listen to it again.

  2. Doug Gualtieri

    What a lovely and touching comment Tanya, thank you. It was a real honor and privilege to have the chance to interview Richard in the KTNA studio. His work has long been a big influence on me. Not just the sounds but how he portrays and tells the story of the places and components of nature he is recording. Getting the chance to sit in the studio across from him and have such a great conversation will always be a highlight for me.