KTNA Studio – Dave Totten, artist

Photo by Deb Wessler

Photo by Dora Miller

KTNA Studio

KTNA On Air Studio, Jan 2013

Photo by Deb Wessler

Photo by James Trump

Winter Black-capped Chickadee

winter chickadee

Photo by Robin Song

Fish Lake morning

Fish Lake morning

photo: Robin Song


KTNA anniversary audio–Upriver Jam selections

by Deborah Brocke ~ September 27th, 2013

KTNA is celebrating 20 years of broadcasting to the Upper Susitna Valley with audio we broadcast during the past two decades.  This week, a few recordings from Upriver Jam. Upriver Jam was the name of KTNA’s annual fundraising concert, which focused on local talent. The first concert was organized to help get KTNA on the air, in the early nineties.  Here are a very few of the local groups who performed onstage over the many years the concert was held.

The Murray Nash Jazz Trio:

Upriver Jam-Murray Nash Jazz Trio (95?)-Bessie’s Blues 3-19

The Mystery Chicks:

Upriver Jam-Mystery Chicks-Respect

Talkeetna Travelers:

Talkeetna Travelers-Whiskey Before Breakfast

Short Term Memory:

Upriver Jam-Short Term Memory-Faith






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