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David Bryant is No Longer Executive Director at Sunshine

by Phillip Manning ~ February 18th, 2014

Note:  An earlier headline referred to David Bryant as Medical Director.  He was, in fact, Executive Director at SCHC.

On Tuesday, KTNA learned that David Bryant is no longer Executive Director of the Sunshine Community Health Center.  According to a source with knowledge of the Clinic, Bryant left today after being relieved of his position.  The source did not wish to have his/her name made public.  Questions to Director of Operations Melody Palermo regarding David Bryant’s status were directed to board of directors president David Sutton.  Sutton says he is unable to comment at this time, but said that information would be forthcoming soon.  David Bryant confirmed that he would no longer be reachable at the Clinic, but declined to make any further comment at this time.

Since last summer, many in the community have been pressuring the board of directors for Bryant’s removal as Executive Director.  He has faced pointed criticism from those community members since his decision not to renew the contract of former Medical Director Dr. Mary Loeb in late June.   That role was recently filled with the hiring of Shelis Jorgensen earlier this month.

At this time, the exact circumstances of the end of Bryant’s employment are unknown.  It is also unknown what the interim plan for the position of Executive Director.  KTNA will continue to follow the story as more information becomes available.

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