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Fish Lake morning

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Roaming Goats Puzzle Sunshine Residents

by Phillip Manning ~ July 29th, 2014

Roaming goats. Photo Courtesy of Connie Nickel.

In a week that has already had one goat story in the news, word is spreading over social media that two domestic goats have been seen wandering in the Sunshine area since last week.  The buck is reportedly large and black with long, curved horns. He is accompanied by a white doe.  Witnesses have reported that the goats appear to be domestic breeds, and one Facebook comment says that a collar was observed on the male.
Connie Nickel, with the Junque Lady antique shop, says the goats were near the store on Sunday.  Her dogs started barking, and she was able to photograph the goats.
Mat-Su Borough Animal Control said they had received any reports of the goats before being contacted for this story.  Additionally, KTNA hasn’t received a response to a classified posted last week .  The Alaska State Trooper post located in Sunshine has not received any reports of the goats, and the trooper who was on duty on Tuesday afternoon had not seen them.
The last reported sighting of the wandering goats was near Kalispell Road.

2 Responses to Roaming Goats Puzzle Sunshine Residents

  1. Deborah Brocke

    They still roam, but changed direction of travel. They’re hoofin’ it toward Talkeetna now…spotted tonight (August 3) by a neighbor on Barge Drive, about a mile off the Spur, heading north.

  2. Tony Crocetto

    you know what they say…goats do roam.