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Federal Government Gives Mat-Su Borough 30 Days to Repay $12 Million in Ferry Funds

by Phillip Manning ~ August 7th, 2014

MV Susitna. Photo from Mat-Su Borough Press Release.



The federal government has contacted the Mat-Su Borough asking for repayment of $12.3 million dollars in grant funds connected to the idle MV Susitna.  In a letter dated August 5th, the Federal Transit Authority says that the borough has thirty days to repay the amount or else risk delinquency.  The borough has made attempts to sell the 190 foot vessel as well as to transfer it to another public entity.  In the latter case, the hope was that the federal grant funds could be transferred as well.

Mat-Su Borough Manager John Moosey says he is not surprised to receive the letter, and that the challenge of selling the ferry has been greater than expected.   On Thursday afternoon, Moosey spoke with reporters.  He says that the borough will continue to look at options to avoid paying the full $12.3 million that the FTA is asking for.  Whatever conclusion is reached, the funds would have to come from the borough’s general fund, since there is not money currently set aside to repay the federal grants.

If the borough does not repay the grant within thirty days, the FTA says it could charge interest and eventually late payment fees.  The special meeting of the Borough Assembly to discuss the matter will take place at 6:00 pm on Tuesday, August 12th.


Borough Press Release

3 Responses to Federal Government Gives Mat-Su Borough 30 Days to Repay $12 Million in Ferry Funds

  1. Mike Stoltz

    Heh, Heh,

    John Moosey and the hand picked borough staff should be fired for not standing up for the citizens they work for and telling the “ship of we’re creating jobs fools” (the Mat Su Assembly) that the dream project(s) were not thought out properly and were unfeasible from the get go.(no docking port in Anchorage as example).

    The long serving, running unopposed members of the Mat Su Assembly and DeVilbiss should be recalled and held responsible (jailed for misuse of tax payer funds).

    Guess who has paid with lack of services and will have to further pay for this “Ferry dream project” that was not thought out properly. Mat Su borough property tax payers.

    Next, to be addressed by the feds, Port MacKenzie which is “losing/costing borough tax payers money” and the money losing federally funded rail link, not to mention the Knik Bridge, Su Dam, and “Gas Line”.

    Alaskan’s, get ready to say good bye to the Alaska reserve fund, and hello to higher taxes, fees, and a state wide sales tax. (or sell of borough land assets)

    No cure for corrupt, stupid, and arrogant, except prison!

    You reap what you sow Mat Su Borough!

  2. Mike Stoltz

    Guess who will pay for these inept, unthought out “dream projects”?

    The useless Ferry and money losing Port Mackenzie is just the beginning!

    Mat Su Property owners get ready for higher taxes, higher user fees, and there goes Alaskas Reserve Fund!

  3. Mike Stoltz

    In case anyone thinks I am mistaking about the “dream folly project”s bankrupting Alaska and missed what the Alaska railroad spur is now up to costing: