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Fish Lake morning

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Su Valley Voice for 11/26/14: Vern Halter

by Phillip Manning ~ November 26th, 2014

Attached is the entire interview with Mat-Su Borough Assembly Member Vern Halter.  Topics included borough priorities, recent and upcoming ordinances, and state funding priorities.  The next live Su-Valley Voice will be on December 10th at 10:00 am with Sue Deyoe of the Talkeetna Historical Society.

1 Response to Su Valley Voice for 11/26/14: Vern Halter

  1. Mike Stoltz

    Vern Halter is simply inept as a poltical representative of the people.
    You reap what you sow Mat Su,
    The lack of voter participation says it all for the Mat Su.
    Talkeetna and the North End of Mat Su Borough has zoning, sewer, dike, garbage, code enforcement issues, as does Mat Su Borough in general.
    Vern Halter is simply a tool for corporate welfare projects, sending good money after bad.

    Examples of that waste are:: a Mat Su ferry that can not be used, a unthought out rail link and port that is losing money, Borough Staff for those “dream projects” at Borough Tax Payers expense, a lack of foresight to address sewer issues, which is now moving to the fore front of problems..
    Alaska claims to be made up of independent types, yet leads all states in Federal Aid.
    If one is not paying attention, having “others” pay for local needs does not work on a Federal Level.
    There is a reason the US is going on 18 Trillion in debt.
    Alaska is now having to tap into their reserve fund to balance the State Budget.
    The Alaska Budget deficit is the beginning of the end for Alaska.
    There is no cure for stupid!