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Talkeetna Council forms committee to look at Downtown SPUD

by Phillip Manning ~ April 11th, 2016

A new committee of Talkeetna Community Council, Inc. will be tasked with looking into the Downtown Talkeetna Special Land use district in the coming months.


At each of the last two meetings of the Talkeetna Community Council board of directors, concerns have been raised over the historic status of Downtown Talkeetna. The most recent discussion was spurred by the renovations taking place at the Denali Brewpub on Main Street. According to Denali Brewing’s general manager, Sassan Mossanen, the current remodel will improve the building and eventually allow for some deck seating on the roof. He says that the remodel is being done with materials and techniques that will make the building fall more in line with a historical aesthetic than it does right now.


Some community members, as well as the Talkeetna Historical Society, have expressed concerns that there currently are no regulations on how new construction must look. The current Special Land Use District, or SPUD, has restrictions on height, footprint, and other factors, but historic qualities such as rooflines and materials are guidelines, not rules. As Talkeetna grows, some fear that the historic aesthetic of the town will be lost. In addition, they say that Talkeetna’s historic district status could be at risk.


One option that garnered support at the most recent community council meeting is local review of building permits. The catch is that the Mat-Su Borough does not currently require building permits the way it has in the past. Asking the borough to resume the permitting process is on the able.


According to TCCI chair Whitney Wolff, the borough planning department’s recommendation was to form a committee to gauge the community’s desire. At its last meeting, the council did that. Currently, no meeting dates for the new committee have been set.

1 Response to Talkeetna Council forms committee to look at Downtown SPUD

  1. C Hummel

    As another CC facing another impending FSA increase, MSB as a whole needs to consider the following facts, not rhetoric, when increasing FSA taxes;
    Should Fire Responders know what’s inside non-residential use structures? CRTK law?
    How often are poorly constructed buildings involved in emergency?
    How often is a injury/ fatality preventable (unvented CO, access impeded, driveway clogged, no working smoke detectors, rental)?
    How much hazmat is spilled, leaked, discharged during fire fighting due to improper hazmat containers, tanks, plumbing?

    At present there is no way to know the frequency and cost for ‘rural structural fire fighting’ since MSB has NO fire investigation, no loss prevention, no land use permits, and no planning.