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Chinese take-out comes to Downtown Talkeetna

by Phillip Manning ~ February 14th, 2017

Joy and Mai Phanhly inside the Salted Pickle.  Photo - Katie Writer

Joy and Mai Phanhly inside the Salted Pickle. Photo – Katie Writer

by:  Katie Writer – KTNA

Joy and Mai Phanhly have opened their doors to a new business on Main Street in downtown Talkeetna that serves Chinese food.

Although their restaurant front is under the name, The Salted Pickle, they plan to change the name to “The Lucky Dragon” in March. The are a takeout only business and their menu includes egg rolls, dumplings, egg drop soup, chicken, beef and seafood dishes. KTNA’s Katie Writer spoke with the new owners of the Salted Pickle.

4 Responses to Chinese take-out comes to Downtown Talkeetna

  1. Stu Reder

    I’ve got to tell it to you straight: Joy and Mai Phanhly make the best Chinese food in Talkeetna! I have been working my way through the menu of The Lucky Dragon since I learned of their presence here in town. The flavor is to die for. The portions are overly generous. I am sure that I shall eventually find my favorite dish(es) but I have never found a meal with which I was dissatisfied. For some reason these great folks are inured to our weather, being open every Tuesday through Sunday. I would love to eat their take out meals six days a week if it were possible.

  2. Judah Mahay

    I hope they have spicy cold noodles and better yet dry hot pot. Even though I’m vegan I always look for chicken feet to see how authentic the rest of the dishes are. Crossing my fingers that when I’m back home next time I can get some home cooked Chinese goodness. Does anyone know what region of China the cooking is from? I’m hoping it’s Szechuan.

  3. Stu Reder

    Gosh darn! Here I went and wrote something nice (and true) about these folks and then they go and disappear! Where in the world did they go?


  4. KTNA Staff

    They have a note in the window about a family emergency.