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“Neighbor To Neighbor” Offers Homelessness Prevention Assistance in the Upper Valley

Thursday, October 30, 2014

For some people in the Upper Valley, winter means living off of summer savings or stringing together what work is available.  With limited funds, what happens if an unexpected expense arises and someone faces eviction or losing utilities?  KTNA’s Phillip Manning spoke with a charity that is here to help in those circumstances.

Upper Valley residents take care of each other.  Whether it’s fire, flood, illness, or any number of other crises that impact families, it seems there’s always someone willing to pitch in.  Now, a charity from the Lower Valley is also offering help for people who face the possibility homelessness due to unforeseen circumstances.

“We offer paying part of the utilities–part or all–and the same thing with rent…first month’s rent or eviction prevention rent assistance.” (more…)

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Election 2014: Warren Keogh, Senate Seat E

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Election day is right around the corner, and Upper Valley residents will be choosing their representatives in the State House and Senate as well as the numerous statewide campaigns.  On Wednesday, KTNA’s Phillip Manning spoke with State Senate candidate Warren Keogh about the race.

Warren Keogh is one of two candidates running for Senate Seat E, which includes the Upper Valley. He is running against Republican incumbent Mike Dunleavy. Keogh is not running as part of a party, and in fact says he has never belonged to a political party.  Warren Keogh is a Vietnam veteran and has worked as a nurse, a paramedic, and for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  In 2010, he was elected to the Mat-Su Borough Assembly to represent District 1 in the southeastern section of the borough.  After his term expired last year, Keogh thought he was done with politics.  He says discussions with people from across the political spectrum have helped persuade him to run for office once again. (more…)

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Local State Legislature Incumbents Show Big Fundraising Leads

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

With millions of dollars spent, the race for one of Alaska’s U.S. Senate seats has dominated campaign spending this year.  Even on a local level, though, campaigns cost money.  The State House of Representatives and State Senate seats that cover the Upper Valley are both up for election this year, and the incumbents in both races have significant advantages when it comes to war chests, as KTNA’s Phillip Manning reports:

Right now, it’s hard to turn on the TV without being bombarded by political advertising.  With hotly contested races for the U.S. Senate and Governor’s office, the ads have been flying.  While local races don’t involve as much of a media inundation, they aren’t free.  This week, I took a look at the campaign finance filings for all five candidates running to represent districts that include the Upper Valley in Juneau. (more…)

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Talkeetna Man Arrested on Domestic Violence Charges

Monday, October 27, 2014

On Sunday night, Alaska State Troopers arrested a Talkeetna man on domestic violence charges.  Troopers responded to a disturbance at a residence on G Street in East Talkeetna at 11:41 pm.   Troopers say that Charles Hager, age 30, caused injury to another resident of the house, specifically a cut tongue.  Hager is also accused of breaking glass items in the house and stabbing the wall with a knife.  Hager was arrested at the scene and charged with two counts of Assault in the Fourth Degree and one count of Criminal Mischief in the Fifth Degree.  He was taken to the Mat-Su Pretrial Facility and held without bail.

Megan Peters, spokeswoman for the Alaska State Troopers, says that multiple counts of assault can occur for a variety of reasons, and that placing someone in fear of physical harm and causing injury can be treated as separate charges.  On Tuesday morning, the Alaska State Troopers provided additional information.  Megan Peters says the charges are not a case of intimate partner violence, and that domestic violence can apply to any situation where people are cohabitating.

Ballot Proposition 4: Bristol Bay Mining

Thursday, October 23, 2014

With election day less than two weeks away, campaigns for candidates and ballot initiatives are trying to secure every vote they can.  This week, a campaigner for Ballot Initiative 4, called the “Bristol Bay Forever” initiative, spoke with KTNA’s Phillip Manning.

Few issues have consistently drawn as much debate over the last few years in Alaska as has the Pebble Mine.  The Pebble Partnership’s goal is to establish a large mining operation in the Bristol Bay area.  The fight over the mining project comes from those concerned about the region’s abundant salmon fishery.  The November 4th ballot will include an effort to place another layer of required approval on large mining projects in Bristol Bay by expanding an existing law.  Anders Gustafson, Executive Director of Renewable Resources Foundation and Coalition, explains what Proposition 4 looks to change.

“The law said that any oil and gas development that would happen in that area would need to seek approval of the legislature, or therefore the people of Alaska.  So, we’re looking to amend that existing law to include mineral leases as well, because we think that, if the rules are good enough for oil and gas, that large-scale mining should have to follow the same rules.” (more…)

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Upper Valley Candidates Respond to Same-Sex Marriage Question

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Last week, we sent the following question to all of the candidates running for State House District 10 and State Senate Seat E, both of which represent the KTNA listening area.  Thus far, we have received responses from two candidates running for House Seat 10. (more…)

Dunleavy Faces Independent Challenger in Senate E Race

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

by:  Ellen Lockyer – KSKA, Anchorage

Tiny Chickaloon, population 272, lies just within the newly redrawn boundaries of Senate E, the lengthy district that threads the Richardson Highway from Valdez to Delta Junction. Independent candidate for Senate E, Warren Keogh, has called Chickaloon home for three decades.

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“I am a lifelong independent. I have been approached by folks in both parties, to become a Republican or become a Democrat, but I have decided to stay on the course that I have always been on and not become a partisan person.”

Keogh has a varied background – military service in Vietnam, firefighter and paramedic, paralegal and water resources specialist. He has served as Chickaloon Community Council president, and spent one term on the Matanuska Susitna Borough Assembly, representing the communities North of Palmer. He says he’s got the name recognition to take on the incumbent.

“Mr. Dunleavy has been in office only two years, so he does have the advantage of incumbency, however, in this new district, he is only incumbent in half the area, and I reside in the other, the easternmost district E, so we both have considerable name recognition.” (more…)

Mat-Su School District Suspends Military Recruitment

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Mat-Su Borough School District has temporarily suspended all military recruitment in Valley schools.  This comes one day after the Anchorage School District’s decision to halt military recruitment on its campuses.

In a press release issued Tuesday afternoon, Mat-Su Borough School District spokeswoman Catherine Esary says that the decision is a result of allegations of past misconduct by Alaska Army National Guard recruiters in Anchorage.  Documents pertaining to those alleged incidents, as well as many others, were leaked earlier this week.

Mat-Su Superintendent, Dr. Deena Paramo, says that the district is reviewing its protocols regarding military recruitment.  Paramo says that, while the district “values its partnership with the military,” the safety of students is the highest priority.

Military staff who recruit in Mat-Su schools have been contacted, and there is currently no estimate for when recruitment will be allowed to resume.

Talkeetna Man Arrested for Domestic Violence

Monday, October 20, 2014

On Saturday night, the Alaska State Troopers arrested a Talkeetna man after a domestic violence incident downtown.  Robert Reichert is charged with assault, criminal mischief, and driving without a valid license.  Troopers say that Reichert recklessly injured a family member and intentionally broke two cell phones.  The call came in to troopers just before midnight on Saturday.  Reichert was contacted near Mile 2 of the Talkeetna Spur Road in his truck.  He was taken to the Mat-Su Pretrial Facility in Palmer, where he is being held without bail.

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