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2016 Upper Valley Election Results

This post will be updated as more results come in.

Update 10:54 pm
With 8 of 11 precincts reporting in HD10:

David Eastman (R): 74.1%
Patricia Faye-Brazel (D): 25.31%

Update 10:33 pm:
NPR has called the race for President of the United States for Donald J. Trump.

Update 10:08 pm:

House District 10 now has 6 of 11 precincts reporting. David Eastman’s lead is expanding.
David Eastman (R) – 73.64%
Patricia Faye-Brazel (D) – 25.74%

Update 9:28 pm:

With 4 of 11 precincts reporting, Eastman has an early lead in District 10.
David Eastman (R): 71.46%
Patricia Faye-Brazel (D): 28.08%


Darrell Castle – 3
Hillary Clinton – 173
Roque De La Fuente – 3
Gary Johnson – 23
Jill Stein – 20
Donald J. Trump – 125

U.S. Senate:
Breck Craig – 2
Ted Gianoutsos – 4
Ray Metcalfe – 64
Joe Miller – 88
Lisa Murkowski – 114
Margaret Stock – 77

U.S. Rep:
Steve Lindbeck – 183
Jim McDermott – 35
Bernie Souphanavong – 18
Don Young – 107

House District 10:
Patricia Faye-Brazel – 196
David Eastman – 138

Ballot Measure 1:
Yes – 217
No – 129

Ballot Measure 2:
Yes – 179
No – 154

CORRECTION: Election Day

In a story that ran last night through today, we erroneously said that Election Day is Tuesday, November 9th.  Today, Election Day, is Tuesday, November 8th.  We apologize for the error.

Upper Valley Polling Locations for November 8th

Early voting has ended in the Upper Valley. For those voting in person on Election Day, there are four local polling places. Talkeetna and Trapper Creek voters may cast their ballots at Talkeetna and Trapper Creek Elementary School, respectively. In Sunshine, the polling place is the Upper Susitna Senior Center, and in Willow, the polls are at the Willow Community Center. Polls are open from 7:00 am to 8:00 p.m.


On Tuesday evening, national, statewide, and local election results will air on KTNA until midnight.

Su Valley Voice: House District 10 Candidate Forum

On Thursday, both candidates for House District 10 joined KTNA’s Phillip Manning for a special edition of Su Valley Voice. Republican nominee David Eastman and Democratic nominee Patricia Faye-Brazel made their cases for the votes of the Upper Valley. In the following excerpt, each candidate makes his and her last pitch to voters, beginning with Mr. Eastman.


Alaska, Upper Valley are part of an upward trend in early voting

by: Katie Writer – KTNA

Both the Talkeetna and Trapper Creek libraries report that some Upper Valley residents have already cast their votes in the 2016 General Election. As of Wednesday, 23 early votes had been cast in Trapper Creek, and over 100 in Talkeetna.

Voters come to the polls early for different reasons. For some, it may be due to plans to travel out of state on Election Day. For others, it may be the emphasis on making sure that their vote is cast just in case weather or illness keeps them from going to the polls on November 8th.

Voting early numbers nationwide are up significantly from 2012. According to NBC News, as of November 1st, over 26 million Americans have already voted for their preferred President and Vice President candidate, as well as a host of down-ballot races.

The trend also holds true for Alaska. With nearly a week left before Election Day, the state division of elections reports that nearly as many people have voted early thus far as in all of the 2012 early voting period.

Talkeetna and Trapper Creek Libraries are the early voting places for the Upper Valley. In order to cast a ballot, a registered voter needs one of the following documents: a valid state ID, Driver’s License, Voter Registration Card, military ID, passport, hunting or fishing license or other current photo. In addition, voters may use an utility bill, government check, bank statement, or other government document that includes his or her current address.

Early voting ends next Monday. On Election Day, November 8th, the poling places in the Upper Valley will be Talkeetna Elementary School, Trapper Creek Elementary, the Willow Community Center, and the Upper Susitna Senior Center.

More information about the 2016 General Election, including a sample ballot, is available at the Alaska Division of Elections website.





Early voting continues in the Upper Valley through Monday

Nationwide, early voting numbers are currently double what they were a week out from the election in 2012. According to NBC news, more than 26 million ballots have already been cast.

Early voting began in Alaska last week and will run through next Monday for those who may not be able to vote on Election Day next Tuesday.

In addition to the high-profile and contentious presidential race, Upper Valley voters will have a voice in choosing one U.S. Senator, the lone U.S. Representative, and the Alaska House District 10 seat. The two candidates for House District 10, David Eastman and Patricia Faye-Brazel will both be part of a special Su Valley Voice this Thursday at 10:00 am on KTNA.

Two ballot measures are also on the 2016 ballot. Ballot Measure 1 would allow for automatic voter registration whenever an individual applies for a Permanent Fund Dividend. The ballot measure does allow for an opt-out for automatic voter registration.

Ballot Measure 2 is a proposed constitutional amendment that would allow the State of Alaska to issue general obligation bonds, backed by the state, to fund postsecondary student loans.

Early voting locations in the Upper Valley are at the Talkeetna and Trapper Creek public libraries. The Talkeetna library is open Monday through Saturday from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm. The Trapper Creek library is open noon to 7:00 pm Monday through Wednesday, 10:00 am to 3:00 pm on Thursday, and noon to 6:00pm on Saturday.

Susitna Writer’s Voice–Stories of Portugal (part 2), by Karon Jahn

image image-7 image-6


15,000 miles of travel in Europe without an itinerary

yielded many stories.

Here are some from a favorite country.

Karon begins part 2 as she leaves the Algarve Coast.



Seeking a more Portuguese flavor, I boarded a train north to Aveiro. Only the locals in Lagos seemed to know the town, verifying for me that my western European dinner companions had not seen much of Portugal. I was told to eat the Ovos moles, where chocolate takes on a whole new meaning of flavor. And buy the salt scrub.

So I headed north again, this time staying on the Atlantic coast. I arrived a bit south of Porto. Aviero lives up to its title of “Portuguese Venice.” It is a working community of canals and boats, with a nod to tourism. Two months later I spent a few days in Venice, Italy and decided that I liked Aviero better. Why? Because I discovered Aviero’s prolific use of Azulejo blue tiles, its ever present cathedrals whose bells rang merrily each hour on Sunday, Art Nouveau buildings around every corner, and a music store hidden in a small plaza blasting Fado.

Read More »

Tips for Healthy Living–10-28-2016


A  live 15-minute conversation about health and wellness

from the Sunshine Community Health Center.

It’s hosted by Holly Stinson, with today’s in-studio guest

Deborah Young, Licensed Clinical Social Worker at the clinic.

On this segment, SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and other types of depression are the main topics of discussion. Deborah Young, one of the recent behavioral health providers to be hired at the clinic,  also talks about how diagnosis and treatment of depression is part of integrated health care at SCHC.

Su Valley Voice: House District 10 Candidates

This month, both candidates for Alaska House District 10 joined Phillip Manning for Su-Valley Voice for a one-on-one discussion of their policy views and vision for the state.


Patricia Faye-Brazel (Recorded October 5th, 2016)


David Eastman (Recorded October 26th, 2016


On November 3rd, Su Valley Voice will be a candidate forum with David Eastman and Patricia Faye-Brazel.