KTNA Studio – Dave Totten, artist

Photo by Deb Wessler

Photo by Dora Miller

KTNA Studio

KTNA On Air Studio, Jan 2013

Photo by Deb Wessler

Photo by James Trump

Winter Black-capped Chickadee

winter chickadee

Photo by Robin Song

Fish Lake morning

Fish Lake morning

photo: Robin Song


Su Valley Girls Volleyball Undefeated Heading into Conference Tournament

Su Valley's Volleyball team. Photo: Colleen Love

Su Valley’s Volleyball team. Photo: Colleen Love

by Katie Writer

The members of Su Valley Girl’s Volleyball team are walking tall this week after maintaining their undefeated status of 14-0. Not only did playing on their home court  this past weekend fuel their competitive drive, Friday was Senior Night. Coach Chad Valentine shared a few moments speaking about the seniors who have been playing together since 6th grade. Seniors Ruby Matthews, Gaby Faurot, Deborah Johnston, and Niclole Colley were recognized for their excellence and given flowers. The team won every match of the weekend, defeating Nenana and Cook Inlet Academy.

The upcoming conference tournament is Dec.1st-3rd at Cook Inlet Academy where they need to finish  1st or 2nd in order to qualify for State Championships.  Read More »

DOT Engineer plans to reduce speed limit near Talkeetna library

The speed limit on the section of the Talkeetna Spur Road near the Talkeetna Public Library will be reduced, according to the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities.

Currently, the speed limit on the hill leading into Downtown Talkeetna is fifty-five miles per hour on the south side. It drops to forty-five near the Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge at the crest of the hill, near a lookout where visitors often stop to take pictures of Denali.

DOT Traffic Engineer Scott Thomas says he plans to move forward with a plan to make the speed limit reduction take effect south of the library. According to Thomas, DOT prefers to minimize the amount of information motorists have to take in at once. He says having the speed limit change at the top of a hill is not ideal, since the sign may not be as visible. In addition, Thomas believes this particular hill adds the distraction of an often-spectacular mountain view.

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Tips for Healthy Living – Nov 18, 2016

A  live 15-minute conversation about health and wellness

from the Sunshine Community Health Center.

It’s hosted by Holly Stinson, with today’s in-studio guest

Shelis Jorgensen, Medical Director at the Sunshine Community Health Center.

This segment includes discussion of improvements in the clinic facility and new and future possible clinic partnerships.

Flu vaccination issues including availability are also discussed.

Susitna Writer’s Voice – Accommodating Aging by Bill Was

In a way I feel profoundly unqualified to write this piece, for although I am 63 years of age, I am continually discovering just how ill-prepared I am for my advancing years. In hindsight, I largely behaved as though I was ’18 and invincible’ until a foolish misstep on March 27, 2015 yielded a severely fractured left radius and ulna and forced me to recognize my own mortality. Thirty eight thousand dollars and some major orthopedic surgery later I began to learn just how unprepared I was for life as a sexagenarian.
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Susitna Writer’s Voice–StarDate Susitna, by Kathleen Fleming 11-13-2016


The program covers the Full Moon of November, the Leonid meteor shower, and other astronomical events.

This image shows typical “Super” and “Mini” moons in a single year.
This week’s perigee moon was slightly bigger.
NASA illustration.

Talkeetna dike repair design on schedule, but improvement would require other funds

This month, Mat-Su Borough Emergency Manager Casey Cook provided an update to the Talkeetna Community Council board of directors on the federally funded repairs to the Talkeetna dike.

After years of applications and appeals, the Federal Emergency Management Agency approved funds to repair damage to the dike caused by the fall 2012 flood. Cook confirmed information from borough engineer Jamie Taylor that the repair design is on schedule for completion in December. After completion, the design goes back to FEMA for final approval. Cook says plans are being made for work next year, including contacting the Alaska Railroad to use the train to transport the necessary armor rock. If an agreement is reached with the railroad, Cook believes it would reduce the need for trucking materials for the work through Downtown Talkeetna. Read More »

Talkeetna Elementary Observes Veterans Day

Talkeetna Elementary students thank local veterans for their military service. Photo: Katie Writer

Talkeetna Elementary students thank local veterans for their military service. Photo: Katie Writer

by: Katie Writer – KTNA

Fourteen Veterans were honored by Talkeetna Elementary School students on Thursday.
The students and staff created a welcoming environment for the Veterans with coffee and refreshments.

Buddy Gray, the Commander of the VFW Post 3836 opened the Veterans Day ceremony with pride as he walked the American Flag to the front of the Assembly Room.

Other guests were the Sustina Valley High School Choir who stirred emotion in the room with graceful singing of the “The Star Spangled Banner”.

Talkeetna Elementary School Principal Lisa Shelby delivered a speech that asked the students to be as courageous in their lives as these men and women who have served the United States of America.

The Student Leadership Council members presented moving speeches with the theme of courage and

Buddy Gray with the American flag. Photo: Katie Writer - KTNA

Buddy Gray with the American flag. Photo: Katie Writer – KTNA

national pride.

Each of the fourteen Veterans were introduced with their role in the US Military Services and then given a handmade scroll made by the members of the Student Leadership Council.

Dr. Donna Dearman and Kylie Bradley added a special presentation with a sign language interpretation of the song “Proud to be An American”.

2016 Upper Valley Election Results

This post will be updated as more results come in.

Update 10:54 pm
With 8 of 11 precincts reporting in HD10:

David Eastman (R): 74.1%
Patricia Faye-Brazel (D): 25.31%

Update 10:33 pm:
NPR has called the race for President of the United States for Donald J. Trump.

Update 10:08 pm:

House District 10 now has 6 of 11 precincts reporting. David Eastman’s lead is expanding.
David Eastman (R) – 73.64%
Patricia Faye-Brazel (D) – 25.74%

Update 9:28 pm:

With 4 of 11 precincts reporting, Eastman has an early lead in District 10.
David Eastman (R): 71.46%
Patricia Faye-Brazel (D): 28.08%


Darrell Castle – 3
Hillary Clinton – 173
Roque De La Fuente – 3
Gary Johnson – 23
Jill Stein – 20
Donald J. Trump – 125

U.S. Senate:
Breck Craig – 2
Ted Gianoutsos – 4
Ray Metcalfe – 64
Joe Miller – 88
Lisa Murkowski – 114
Margaret Stock – 77

U.S. Rep:
Steve Lindbeck – 183
Jim McDermott – 35
Bernie Souphanavong – 18
Don Young – 107

House District 10:
Patricia Faye-Brazel – 196
David Eastman – 138

Ballot Measure 1:
Yes – 217
No – 129

Ballot Measure 2:
Yes – 179
No – 154

CORRECTION: Election Day

In a story that ran last night through today, we erroneously said that Election Day is Tuesday, November 9th.  Today, Election Day, is Tuesday, November 8th.  We apologize for the error.