KTNA Studio – Dave Totten, artist

Photo by Deb Wessler

Photo by Dora Miller

KTNA Studio

KTNA On Air Studio, Jan 2013

Photo by Deb Wessler

Photo by James Trump

Fish Lake morning

Fish Lake morning

photo: Robin Song


Our Members

Dan and Jill Adamson

David Anderson

Ray Arthur

Erin and Harry Aulman

Jen and Boe Barnett

Carol Barnhill

Wendy Battino and Rick Schreiber

Paul Bauman

Cary Birdsall

Christopher Birdsall

Jen Birdsall

Sarah Birdsall

Buff and Diane Bischoff

Meghaan Blomberg

Alic Boggs

Jok Bondurant and Jaime Rodrigues

David and Jaelene Boyce

Jim and Melissa Brazeau

Michael Brickel

Colleen Bridge and Mike Moeglein

Barbara Broadwater

Deborah Brocke and Jeff Robinson

Richard Burgener

Sally and James Burkholder

Bruce Burnette

Elizabeth and James Burnside

Jane and Larry Buskirk

Joellen Bye

Frances Byrd

Laura Caillet and Mark, Ria, and Kaila Wildermuth

Michael and Kathryn Campbell

Howard and Noelle Carbone

Barrett Cash

Jyoti Chadda

Maureen Chambrone

Tucker Chenowith

Shelly and Claudio Cividino

Melis Coady and Joseph McBrayer

Robert and Patti Coleman

Trisha Costello

Jon Covert

Richard Crain

Ed Craver

Lisa and Greg Curtis

Jeff and Gay Davis

Rachel Day and Brian Robison

Donna and Larry Dearman

Kathryn Dekas

Geri  and Eric Denkewalter

Bruce Devore

Sue Deyoe and Jeff Lebegue

Jorene Doria

Kristine Drumm

Elinor Ebling

Rick and Kathy Ernst

Alan Fischer

Billy and Ute Fitzgerald

Kathleen Fleming

Peggy and Kevin Foster

Joan Friderici

Robert Gerlach

Anita Golton and Brian Kingsbury

Chris Grabowski

Jim Graham and Denise Gutteridge

Jim Graupmann and Diane Ziegner

Carol Gross and Joe Halladay

Doug and Maureen Gualtieri

Bruce and Mary Gunderson

Kathryn, Jason, Miranda, and Henry Hacker

Francine and Chris Hagar

Vern Halter and Susan Whiton

David Harrell

Char Harris

Tamra Harrison

Mandy and Jerome Hartley

Jean and Doug Hartman

Carol Hazeltine

Ellie Henke

Phil Hess

Peggy and David Hicks

The Holcomb Family

Leonard and Bev Horner

Rick and Linda Horstmann

Dennis Hospodar

Beth and Cliff Howard

Cyndy Hubbard

Kimberly Hutchings

Karon Jahn

Joel James

Nick Janopoulos

Willow Jardee and Family

Rose Jenne

Dave Johnston and Cari Sayre

Galen Johnston

Margo Jones

Kathleen Kaso

Donny, Shiela, and Trae Keefe

Sarah, Keith, Bethany, Emma, and Daniel Kehoe

Jamie Kenworthy and Pat Hackley

Vicki and Randy Kilbourn

Wayne King

Al and Leilani Kingsbury

Brian Kingsbury and Anita Golton

Alice and Gunnar Knapp

Ralph Kolbeck

The Krepel Family


Clifford Lane

Emily LaPorte

Dottie Leonard

Charlie, Mary, and Tevere Loeb

Becky Long and Denis Ransy

Jerome, Amariah and Uma Longo

The Loomis Family

Colleen and Chris Love

Christine Maday

Marsha Mak

Phillip Manning

Arthur and Karen Mannix

Chris and Barbara Mannix

Alicia Marrs

Kit and Joan Marrs

Peter Mathiesen

Patricia McAdoo

Sharon McEwen

Julianne McGuinness

Sean McPhilamy and Robin Krumm

Barbara Mercer and Michael Halla

Skip and Kirstin Merkley

Wayne Merklin

Judy and Daryl Miller

Faye Miller

Sharon Montagnino

Tom and Mary Ann Morahan

Nastassia Moren

Timothy Morgan

Lori Moyer

Murray Nash

Lorien Nettleton

Ed O’Connor

Katie Odneal and Brian McCullough

Brian and Diane Okonek

Sarah Osborne

Mary and Rollie Ostermick

Joe Page and Kate McKelvey

Caitlin Palmer and Colby Coombs

Harold and Barbara Parker

Jamie Parkhurst

Christie May Parsons

Grete Perkins

Chris Perry

Tennelle Peterson

Will and Sally Peterson

Patrick Pichany

David and Sondra Porter

Bill Post

Shannon Post

Willi Prittie

Michelle Puryear

Derek Race

Peter and Anja Radano

Gregor Rakoski

Pam Rannels

Renamary Rauchenstein

Stu Reder

Carolyn Reitter

Brad Rich

Greg Rietman

Pam and Roger Robinson

Jerry Robson

Nannette Romstadt

OC and Gail from Heart Lake

Corlene Rose and Terry Muehlenbach

Sharla and Tim Rose

Jeff and Laurie Ross

Cari Ruffino

Kim Sabel

Shoo Salasky

Hope Salvador

Fernando Salvador

Vincent Sanford

Cari Sayre and Dave Johnston

The Schapansky Family

Tanya Schnell

Cici Schoenberger

Steve Schroeder

Christina Seay and Mike Figley

Sandy Shoulders

Richard Simo

Shane Smiley

Corinne Smith and Paul Button

Steve Smith

Stephanie Smothers

Kolman Soifer

Robin Song

John and Kathy Spaulding

Jayme Spires

Janna Stewart and Chuck Gregg

Holly Stinson and Wayne Woller

Gary Stone

John Strasenburgh

Ruthie Strong

Tom Surprenant and Lisa Haney

Karl Swanson

Gina Tallman

Beverly and Don Tanner

Cathy Teich

Jason Thompson

Jerry Trodden

Jim Trump

Kathy Trump

Nicodemus Trunkhill

Duronda Twigg

Margareth Twigg

Michael Vaughan

Jason Vogel

Mary Vukson

Tom and Margie Waite

Dori Wallis

Brenda Walsh

Paul J. Wander

Bill Was

Jim Was

Deb Wessler

Jack West and Andrea Wang

Vikki and Dave Wiewel

R.T. Williams

Richard Williams

Ellen Wolf and Doug Smith

Whitney Wolfe

Mike and Molly Wood

Ruth Wood

Amy Wright

Laura Wright

Katie Writer and Tod Marder

Ann and Ed Yadon

John Zebutis

Heather Zimmerman and Jim Fairburn







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