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KTNA On Air Studio, Jan 2013

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Fish Lake morning

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Corrections: KTNA updates Su Dam story

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

In a previous story which aired on Tuesday, January 22nd, KTNA reported that  the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission had yielded to pressure from Alaska Governor Sean Parnell and members of the State Legislature to amend its timelines for the Suisitna Watana Hydroelectric Dam study process. KTNA was in error in reporting that FERC rescinded their December 31st judgement that 13 of 58 studies were inadequate.

FERC did not reverse its decision to alter the timeline for issuing a Study Plan Determination, as reported by KTNA. in fact, FERC stood by its December 31 directive to AEA to provide more study details on 13 of the 58 proposed studies.

In a letter dated January 17, FERC reiterated to AEA that the lacking details were -quote – “integral to determining whether the studies would gather the needed information to process AEA’s license application. -” end quote

FERC did change the May 14 Study Plan Determination deadline to April 1, shortening the public comment period.

In the story, which aired on Tuesday, January 22nd, the KTNA newsroom also misidentified Jan Konigsberg, who is in fact an independent observer of the Susitna Watana Hydroelectric Project.

Also, the KTNA newsroom used the term “Legislative delegation”, which does not, in fact, mean that senators Lisa Murkowski and Mark Begich , nor representative Don Young have voiced any approval or opposition to the proposed Dam. In the story of January 22nd, KTNA used the term ‘Alaska Delegation’ to mean the senators and representatives of the Alaska State Legislature. KTNA regrets the error.

Su Valley Voice: A conversation with author Steven Hawley 3-26-2012

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Steven Hawley’s book “Recovering a Lost River” chronicles the impact of damming rivers in the Pacific Northwest. In this conversation, Hawley talked about many of the historical, and potential, ramifications of dam building on salmon and communities. Lorien Nettleton hosted this program, live from the KTNA studio. The program is an hour.


First 20 minutes

Next 20 minutes

Last 20 minutes






House Energy hears AEA Report on Susitna Dam

Friday, January 27, 2012

Alaska Energy Authority officials updated the House Energy Committee Thursday on the status of the proposed Susitna Watana Dam. AEA’s Executive Director Sara Fisher-Goad and Susitna Hydropower Lead Project Manager Wayne Dyok laid out the timeline leading up to their licensing application with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, which they plan to file by the end of 2015.

AEA hopes the dam will be licensed by 2017, with construction completed by 2023.  That timeline would aid the State’s goal of supplying 50% of Alaska’s energy needs with renewables by 2025. (more…)

Susitna Council files motion to intervene with Susitna Dam project

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Susitna Community Council has joined the Talkeetna, Trapper Creek, and Chase community councils in filing a motion to intervene with the Alaska Energy Authority’s license application with the Federal Energy Regulation Authority for the Susitna-Watana Dam. The Motion to Intervene is a step that allows interested parties to become participants in the permitting process, and is not a statement of being in favor or opposed to the dam’s construction. (more…)

Susitna Dam opponents say benefits not worth the cost

Friday, January 6, 2012

The Coalition for Susitna Dam Alternatives is hosting an informational session on Saturday, and they will be discussing a number of the many issues surrounding the proposed Susitna-Watana Dam, and ways public involvement might have an impact on the process. Some residents have expressed concerns that public input has been limited by the fast pace of the Dam’s licensing process, which evaluates environmental, engineering studies on a fast-pace. (more…)

Morning Newscast – Friday, January 6th, 2012

Friday, January 6, 2012

KTNA’s morning news, weather forecast, Denali echoes, and announcements for January 6th. Host is Trisha Costello. Headlines: Susitna Dam alternatives seminar, Su Valley Ski team heads to Valdez.


Council to file Motion to Intervene in Susitna Watana Dam project

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Talkeetna Community Council voted to file a motion to intervene in the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s permitting process for the proposed Susitna-Watana Dam. The Motion to Intervene is a step that allows interested parties to become participants in the permitting process. Once filed, they will have the right to request rehearing of Commission orders and seek relief of final agency action sin the U. S. Circuit Courts of Appeal. The motion to intervene will also require the Alaska Energy Authority to provide the Council with regular progress updates. (more…)

Seminar Speculates on Susitna Dam vs. Salmon

Friday, November 11, 2011

Potential impacts of the Susitna-Watana Hydroelectric dam were the topic at a Salmon Science forum on Thursday Afternoon in Wasilla. The Mat-Su Salmon Science and Conservation Symposium invited scientists, researchers and the general public to discuss all things related to the health and well-being of one of Alaska’s most valued fish in the Matanuska and Susitna drainages during the two-day conference.

At Thursday’s Susitna session, four presenters discussed their experiences and areas of research on the upper Susitna river, and talked about how changes to the flow rate of the river caused by the proposed Dam could impact salmon habitat. (more…)

Cell Tower, Old Lake Road discussed at Council Meeting

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Talkeetna Community Council Met on Monday night in the Talkeetna Elementary Library. The meeting covered a lot of ground in the two-and-a-half hour session. Here are some highlights:

The council elected its officers, with Sharon Montagnino retaining her position as President, Mary Farina will continue as vice president, Cary Birdsall will serve one more term as Secretary, and Robert Gerlach will take over as Treasurer. Newly elected board member Ed Kraver was happy to be seated at the council, and won’t serve immediately as an officer.

John Strassenburgh updated the council on the AT&T cell tower proposed near the corner of Lichtenwalner and the Spur road. The Mat Su Borough Assembly has recently repealed existing code governing towers, which means the only restrictions on towers in the borough will now be defined by the Special Use Districts, or SpUDs adopted by communities. (more…)