Special Olympics takes on Clean Air Challenge bike ride

The annual Clean Air Challenge bike ride went thru some changes this year.  And for the first time in a number of years, organizers are actually advertising in Talkeetna.


The race, which runs opposite of what many Talkeetna residents might like, starts in Houston and ends in Houston. However, racers can go one way and end in Talkeetna.

Last year there were allegations of improper spending by the regional chapters top executive. The event was in limbo for many months as litigation between the Northwest chapter and the National Lung Association ensued.  The ride was cancelled.

However the Special Olympics took over the challenge of organizing the event and the ride will happen this year.  The fundraiser this year supports training and competition programs for more than 2 thousand Alaskan athletes with intellectual disabilities.  All riders have to meet a 500 dollar minimum pledge.

Matt Blair of the Minnesota Vikings will be riding with bike riders this year to raise money for Special Olympics.  

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