Dog shooting investigation closed

Troopers investigating a dog shooting in downtown Talkeetna closed the case without filing charges.On June 4, a dog was found shot in the baseball park in town. The dog belonged to people from out-of-town, here to play music at a concert gig.

Trooper spokeswoman Megan Peters declined to say what the investigation revealed but said in an email correspondence with KTNA that the “manner in which the dog was killed did not meet any state statute requiring trooper involvement.”

In a separate incident on May 22, a dog was shot at on a campground near Sheep Creek and the shooter was charged with cruelty to animals and misconduct involving weapons. Asked about the difference in the cases, Peters wrote that in the Sheep Creek campground shooting case, the dog lived and the man mishandled the weapon by some qualifying detail of that statute. She added that just because someone shoots a dog doesn’t mean that they are breaking a law.

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