BBB warns consumers about Breast Cancer Awareness logo

The Better Business Bureau is warning consumers about Breast Cancer Awareness month.  The BBB reports there are insincere companies and charities that borrow the iconic ‘pink ribbon’ logo to enhance their image and boost sales.

While there are some that donate to the cause there are other companies that give nothing to the cause, even though the items sport the logo.

The Better Business Bureau has a charity review program to help evaluate standards.  Breast Cancer’’s  ‘Think Before You Pink’ campaign proposes questions to help consumers decide on products or services that might be scams.

The questions to ask are:  How much money from the purchase actually goes to breast cancer research AND does it clearly state it on the label?  What is the maximum amount that will be donated and how are funds being raised?  What is the company doing to assure that the product is not actually contributing to the breast cancer epidemic?

There have been reports in the past of companies that sell products that actually cause breast cancer but sport the pink ribbon and tout that they give money to breast cancer cause when they don’t.

BBB recommends avoiding offers that are deliberately vague about where the money goes or how much is donated.

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