House Energy committee schedules public testimony

The Alaska House Energy Committee is working on a bill that will pave a clear path for the multi-Billion-dollar Susitna River hydroelectric project, by making sure the Alaska Energy Authority can formally oversee the project and other energy projects as they come along.  The bill is House Bill 103 and is Governor Sean Parnell’s legislation to authorize the AEA to pursue hydroelectric projects.

Representative Neal Foster is co-Chair of the special energy committee. His aide,  Christopher Clark, says the committee’s conversations have been wide ranging, asking questions about the dam itself as will as the authority of the Alaska Energy Authority.

A public testimony session is scheduled for Tuesday at 3 pm. In theory, the public testimony should be on the bill itself, which just allows AEA to have the authority and funding to oversee and build power projects.  However, Clark said he welcomes anyone that wants to provide information on the Watana dam itself to testify.

Residents can go to the legislative offices of Mark Neuman in Wasilla or call the toll free number starting at 3 pm.

Toll free # 1-800-478-4648

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