Denali National Park fall road lottery winners posted

Denali National Park Road lottery winners for this fall have been announced.

The information is all posted on Denali’s park service website including odds of winning, the winners and the losers and the amount of people that entered.

This year over 11,000 people entered the lottery.  Only 1,600 were chosen.  The number of chosen lottery winners has not changed over the years, but the number of applicants continues to rise, even with the added cost to apply for the lottery.

Most winners are Alaskan residents, although this year about 200 out of state applicants were chosen.  It IS a national park and therefore anyone in the country is eligible to apply.

The majority of people now choose to apply over the internet, although mail-in and phone applicants are still accepted.

The park hosts the four-day lottery every September.  Each winner is allowed a full day trip into the park, with 400 people chosen each day.  This year’s lottery takes place September the 16th thru the 19th.

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