Assembly overrides Mayor’s transportation bond veto

The Mat Su Borough Assembly voted to override a decision by Mayor Larry DeVilbiss on road bonds proposed to Borough voters this fall.

Mayor DeVilbiss vetoed the proposed 32 million dollar road bond package on Thursday, stating the the package price is too high, that the road bond package should be for roads and not trails, and that its upside down to pave a trail on a state road while there are still state roads that are gravel.

In a special meeting Thursday evening, the Assembly voted 5 to 2 to override the mayor’s veto.  Assemblyman Noel Woods and Mark Ewing were opposed to the override and stood with the mayor on his decision.

Assemblyman Ron Arvin said that the comprehensive bonds are a safety issue and core responsibility of government. He called asphalting of trails a huge benefit in dust mitigation and that transportation-related projects only dealing with combustible engines is wrong.  Cindy Bettine  agreed and says that people out walking their dogs and people with strollers should not have to be on roads.

The bond package will offer road projects in each district and includes road extensions in the lower valley, a paved pathway to Sutton Elementary school, a pathway along Vine Road, upgrades in Caswell Lakes and more.

Cost to local taxpayers is about 74 dollars annually on 200-thousand dollars of assessed property.   Bonds will not be issued to pay for projects unless matching funds are received from the state.

The voters will decide on the bonds at the polls on October 4th.

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