Heavy snowfall contributes to above-average year

Up to 20 inches of snow have fallen over two days in the Talkeetna Area during the recent storm, continuing this winter’s trend of above-average snowfall. The record for snowfall during a multi-day storm was set in 1920 when 73 inches of snow fell over several days.

The National Weather Service’s collection station at Amber Lake has reported 129 inches of snow this season through January. The numbers for February haven’t yet been released, but weather Forecaster Mike Lawson says average snowfall for February is 27 inches in Talkeetna, and the most snow received in February was 63 inches.

The most snowfall received in one winter was 161 inches in 1990. And while the current forecast says snow will be tapering off today and tomorrow, there is still chance of more accumulation before the month ends on Wednesday.

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