Yanert Moose Hunt to Remain Non-Motorized

On Wednesday afternoon, the Alaska Board of Game unanimously voted down Proposal 213, that would have declared a late-season motorized hunt in the Yanert Valley, east of Denali National Park.

According to a release from the Denali Citizens Council, board members were responsive to the idea that there is a culture of hunters who prefer a non-motorized hunting experience. Board member Nate Turner indicated he was moved by comments from such hunters and that he could not support the proposal.  Board member Ted Spraker pointed to the large number of comments opposed to this proposal, the second largest number of comments received, after those on snaring. The Board was told by Fish and Game staff that only about 10 moose were expected to be taken in this hunt, and that the moose density is less in the Yanert, unlike other parts of Game Management Unit 20A, where high densities of moose influenced the decision to employ an antlerless hunt.

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