The site of the Proposed Susitna Dam

video credit: Coalition for Susitna Dam Alternatives

The Coalition for Susitna Alternatives has published a panoramic video shot upstream from the proposed site of the Susitna Dam.

According to Coalition member Rick Leo, the 360 view was shot from the east side of Deadman Creek, approximately 3 miles upstream from the proposed dam site. The video starts looking north and rotates counter clockwise. At eight seconds in, the viewer can see the basin for Deadman’s Creek in the foreground, and the high ridge in the distance where an 8000 foot runway is proposed for cargo aircraft. At :23″ into the video the view frames the Susitna river gorge , then pans west to east along the length of the Susitna river. It is difficult to say at this time what the water line would be, but if the dam were to be built much of it would be flooded.

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