KTNA anniversary audio 4-5-2013

KTNA is celebrating 20 years broadcasting to the Upper Susitna Valley by bringing you audio broadcast during the past two decades. We’re sharing the past with you every Friday at 12:35 on 88.9 FM.

This week, some creative audio from volunteers. First, Gordy Vernon, with a segment from a series of his writing that we called “An Alaskan Gone South”, aired in 2008:

Gordy’s Nobody 4’12”    Audio is 4 min 12 sec

One reel of tape in a box contained the audio of a Cheez Whizzz program from 1999. Back then, a handful of volunteers got together each week for a program of humor and entertainment, a lot of it improvised. Here’s a taste of it….the Sri Lanka car commercial, from Cheez Whizzz.  You’ll hear the voices of Jack Fickel, Chris Houlette, Stuart Carnegie, and Tony Crocetto.

Cheez Whizz-Sri Lanka Car Commercial from 8-29-99 show    Audio is 2 minutes


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