Record-setting Heat Wave in Talkeetna

With the exception of one cloudy weekend, the weather in the northern Susitna Valley has been clear sunny since Memorial Day.  This last weekend was particularly warm.  The temperature in Talkeetna on Sunday, June 16th, was ninety-one degrees, which ties the all time record set in 1953.  Hot, sunny days have made conditions ideal for many locals and visitors to enjoy the outdoor activities that make Talkeetna a summer hot-spot.  I spoke with meteorologist Erik Pindrock from AccuWeather, who explained why we’ve been seeing so much sun this June.
Erik Pindrock 1

He also suggests taking the usual precautions for this type of weather, including hydration and skin care.

The hot, dry days have ushered in more than summer fun, however, and the vast majority of Alaska is currently under a Red Flag Fire Warning.  Low humidity and lack of rainfall are causing very hazardous conditions, and over twenty-five wildfires are currently burning.  I spoke with Maggie Rogers, Public Information Officer with the Division of Forestry, who explains how Alaska residents can prevent wildfires from starting.

Maggie Rogers 1
Rogers says that, in addition to prevention efforts, preparations are being made to augment and strategically place the crews and equipment where they are most likely to be needed.

Maggie Rogers 2

Forecasts show that some areas in the Interior, including Talkeetna, will continue to approach or possibly surpass record temperatures through the middle part of this week,  and rain is not in the immediate forecast.  Many will be outside soaking up the rays, while local and state firefighters wait in anticipation.

Full Audio:  20130617HeatWave

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