Senator Murkowski Reacts to Surveillance Programs

Full audio: 20MurkowskiSurveillance

Since the leaking of the secret phone and internet surveillance programs being carried out by U.S. intelligence agencies, officials and legislators have been taking sides on the issue of whether or not the National Security Agency, N-S-A, has overreached its authority.  Prominent legislators from both parties as well as President Obama have come out in support of the surveillance programs. Washington is not united in its views on the programs, however.  Both of Alaska’s U.S. Senators have signed on to legislation to change aspects of how surveillance can be conducted.

I spoke with Senator Lisa Murkowski about her concerns over the current state of surveillance.


Senator Murkowski and Senator Begich have both co-sponsored legislation in the Senate that would change the burden of proof for the courts that handle requests for special surveillance.


Other legislation has also been drafted in both the House and Senate regarding reform of the surveillance programs.  Senator Murkowski believes that concern amongst lawmakers is far from ending.

Senator Murkowski did not go so far as to say what, if any, of the legislation would be passed or even be heard outside of committee, but she says she is hopeful that some changes will be made.

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