Missing Anchorage Man May Be Headed to Denali

The search for Wallace Dunn, 81, of Anchorage has been expanded north after a tip indicated that he might have been near the Montana Creek Campground on July 13th.  According to his daughter, Kim, Dunn is a retired physician, who was last positively identified after a game at the tennis club he attended on July 12th.  Kim says that Dunn’s truck was found near a family cabin in Big Lake, and that what happened after he left his vehicle is a mystery.

Kim says that while the Montana Creek sighting has not been confirmed, it is the best lead that State Troopers have received, thus far.  She says the Troopers are using law enforcement alerts, and posters have been put up as far north as Healy in the hopes that someone will see Wallace Dunn and report it to police.

Posters show a picture of Dunn, who is described as five-foot-seven and 165 pounds, but Kim says the clothing in the picture may not necessarily match what he was wearing when he went missing.

“We’re kindof guessing at what he might have been wearing.  He usually wore a hat, because he was bald, and so he wore a hat to protect himself from the sun.  The last hat he was wearing was brimmed all the way around, and was black.  Typically when he was going to the cabin, he was wearing a dark sweatshirt and old jeans and black boots, so that’s what we think he might be wearing.”

Kim Dunn says her father lives independently and is largely in good health, but does have a “tentative” step, and sometimes has memory difficulty.  Sightings of Wallace Dunn can be reported to the Alaska State Troopers or the Anchorage Police.

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