Mat-Su Borough Seizes 24 dogs and 5 Parrots from Valley Home

Last Thursday, the Mat-Su Borough issued a press release saying that twenty-four dogs and five parrots were seized from a home by Animal Care officers.  Animal Care says they had to walk through animal feces to collect the animals from the residence of Wendy Rayburn off Knik Goose Bay Road.  The Borough says that Rayburn has received multiple citations for not having a kennel license and for sanitation violations.

Among the animals seized are twenty-two Pomeranian mixes, one Silky Terrier, and one Labrador mix.  Also seized were five parrots, including four Lovebirds and one Conure parrot.  Rayburn pleaded no contest to the unsanitary enclosure charge and a court date has been set for this month regarding kennel licensure.

This is the second time in two months that the Borough has seized a large number of dogs.  The first was on May 30th, when twenty-eight dogs were taken into protective custody from a dog lot in Big Lake.  The dogs in that case were suffering from skin conditions and “stages of starvation.”

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