Sunshine Clinic Hires New Medical Director

The Sunshine Community Health Center has hired Shelis Jorgensen  as its new Medical Director.  Jorgensen is an Advanced Nurse Practitioner with a Doctorate in Nursing.  SCHC Executive Director David Bryant says that Jorgensen has a good mix of skills and qualifications, and that he is excited that the Clinic is able to add a provider with a specialty in pediatrics.

“The Clinic had posted the position of Medical Director nationwide, and it turned out that we actually had a qualified candidate who is a local and is known to many people in the community–and that would be Shelis Jorgensen.  Shelis worked here at the Clinic until 2009, before resigning and joining a practice in the Wasilla area.  She has very strong administrative skills and excellent clinical skills.  We look forward to her coming on board, following the credentialing and background check process that we have to do for everyone, and hopefully she will be able to begin work here next week.”

Bryant says Jorgensen will be phased into the Medical Director role over the course of three months to allow her to become familiar with the administrative role.

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