Sunshine Clinic Resumes Medical Director Search and Consults Foraker Group

The Sunshine Community Health Center Board of Directors recently sent an announcement to KTNA saying that they were working with multiple groups to form a plan to “explore options” to maintain a “fully functioning clinic that delivers quality health care.”  The plan no longer includes bringing on Shelis Jorgensen as Medical Director.
Tom Phillips, President of the Sunshine Community Health Center Board of Directors, says that Shelis Jorgensen will not be filling the vacant Medical Director position at the Sunshine and Willow Clinics as previously reported.  He said he was not at liberty to discuss the reasons that Jorgensen, an Advanced Nurse Practitioner with a Doctorate in Nursing, will not be filling the position.

Phillips also says that SCHC has been working closely with the Foraker Group to help determine the Clinic’s actions going forward.  Foraker is an Anchorage-based non-profit management firm that provides consultation and training to other non-profits across Alaska.

As part of the Clinic’s transition, Phillips says that the Foraker Group has conducted and independent evaluation of SCHC Executive Director David Bryant, and presented the board with its findings.  A summary of those findings, as well as options on courses of action has been presented to Bryant to consider.  A decision from Bryant on which course of action to take is expected soon.  Phillips says he can not comment on the nature of the presented options until a decision is made, citing advice from legal counsel.  He does say that there are plans with options for both the Executive Director and the Board, and that the Foraker Group is in position to conduct training and mentoring for the E-D, Board, and staff.

Philips says that SCHC is resuming its search for a Medical Director.  He says that the current goal is to find a part-time, interim Director until a decision is made on who will fill the post in the long-term.  He asks for the community’s and staff’s patience, and says that the Board is listening to community concerns, and that the goal is to get the community and staff “back on board” with the Clinic.

Foraker’s assistance is being sought as the SCHC is preparing for a Health Resources and Services Administration site review that is linked with applications for federal funding for the Clinic.

Shelis Jorgensen and David Bryant could not be reached for comment.

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