Mat-Su Borough Assembly Approves a Contract for Caswell Lakes Road Improvement

On Tuesday night, the Mat-Su Borough Assembly voted to approve a contract for the reconstruction of roads in the Caswell Lakes area.  The original agenda item called for just over $2.1 million dollars from a bond issue to upgrade Caswell Lakes Road, South Bend-a-pole Road, East Pass-the-bait Avenue, and South Lost-a-spinner Street.  The Borough staff proposed an amendment changing the amount of the contract to $1.6 million and removing the roads other than Caswell Lakes Road from the project.

Vern Halter, Assembly Member for District Seven, which includes Caswell, expressed his disappointment, but moved for the approval of the contract with the hope that additional funding may be freed up from other road projects in the future, which could be used to complete the remaining road reconstruction.  The Assembly agreed, unanimously.

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