KTNA Holds Annual Membership Meeting

On Sunday, KTNA held its annual membership meeting.  The agenda consisted of “State of the Station” remarks by General Manager Will Peterson as well as the election of three members of the board of directors and special volunteer awards.

At the meeting, Cari Sayre, Jok Bondurant, and Kolman Soifer were elected to the board of directors, and the general membership voted to approve seating Larry Dearman and Mandy Hartley on the Community Advisory Board.

In addition to regular business, recognition was given to some of KTNA’s volunteers.  Donna Dearman and Jon Covert were recognized for a decade of volunteer service.  In addition, Gregor Rakoski was recognized with the “Above and Beyond” volunteer award, and Robert Ambrose was given the Foundation Award, which recognizes an individual who has served the station over a significant period of time and in multiple ways.  Robert Ambrose has served as a volunteer DJ, member of the board of directors, and as General Manager for KTNA.

Following the meeting, the board of directors chose officers, electing Sue Deyoe as board chair and Kim Hutchings as vice-chair.

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