Talkeetna Library Planning Could Face Delays Due to High Bids

The planning for the Talkeetna Public Library has encountered a complication that could delay construction.   Mike Brown, Director of Capital Projects for the Mat-Su Borough, says that all of the bids received to construct the library came in over budget.  Now, the Borough will re-evaluate the bids and attempt to determine why the contractors’ numbers came out different from the original estimate.  Mike Brown says it’s possible that the scope of the project will need to be revised in order to cut costs.  He also says that any such cuts would not take place without input from stakeholders in the project.   The additional processes will mean a delay in awarding an eventual bid to construct the new library and community center.  Mike Brown says he believes that the Borough can still break ground on the project this year, but that it is no longer a certainty.

Ann Yadon, Librarian for the Talkeetna Public Library, says that she is shocked by the outcome of the bid process.  She says that the budget process was thoroughly vetted and was believed to be reasonably accurate.

It is unknown at this time how much of a delay will be caused in the overall bid process.

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