New Talkeetna Public Library is likely on schedule, despite delay

The Mat-Su Borough says that the new Talkeetna Public Library will proceed close to schedule, despite a delay.

In February, the request for bids for the new library did not receive any qualifying responses.  In every instance, the bids from contractors came out significantly higher than the cost estimate.  This led the Borough to re-scope the project in order to put it out for bid once again.

Mike Brown, Capital Projects Director for the Borough, says that the new project scope will not have substantial impacts on the size of the library or the features of the building itself.  He says that by altering plans for where to place the building, walkways, and sidewalks, that a substantial amount of money can be saved by eliminating dirt work.

Currently, the Borough is waiting for a new cost estimate, and Mike Brown says he hopes to have the request for bids open around the beginning of May.  He says that would allow work to begin this summer, with the hopes of laying the foundation before freeze-up this year.  Work would then continue through the winter and allow the Talkeetna Public Library to open its doors sometime in June of next year.

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